RAIS Fundación

RAIS Fundación

Transparency and quality


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Transparency and quality

At RAIS Fundación we believe non-profit organisations should be accountable to society as a whole.

At RAIS Fundación we are committed to transparency. The entity complies with legal obligations and submits its annual accounts to external audits.
Added to that, of its own free will it asked Fundación Lealtad to do the analysis of transparency and good practices, for communicating information to private individuals and business enterprises responsibly.
The favourable analysis can be consulted at www.guiatransparenciaong.fundacionlealtad.org


In July 2013, we obtained the European Seal of Excellence 200+: “Commitment to Excellence”, after the process and compliance with the improvement projects was audited by Bureau Veritas.

Likewise, at RAIS Fundación we have opted for the EFQM quality system, a widely recognised European total-quality model. We began to put it in place in 2012 by establishing, among other procedures, satisfaction surveys for the people helped and workers at the Foundation.

In 2013, the people helped substantially improved their assessment of our services and our intervention. For example, more than 95% of them would recommend the services used and use them again. The individuals helped particularly appreciated the availability, sincere and respectful treatment of the professionals and the confidence conveyed in the way they work.
In the wake of the self-assessment that we conducted in 2012, in 2013 it was decided to get to grips with putting in place the EFQM quality system, by improving the information systems for the people helped, optimising the internal organisation and updating the communication tools.