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RAIS Fundación is a state-level independent, plural, non-profit organization and was created in 1998. Its main aim is to fight against social exclusion and address the needs of the most disadvantaged people and, in particular, the homeless.
We have an active presence in Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia, Murcia Regions and in the Basque Country through the Asociación RAIS Euskadi.


To enhance the quality of life of people in a situation of extreme social exclusion, particularly the homeless, working with them, driving the social changes necessary and mobilising citizens, public and private institutions and social agents.


We aspire to a society that has no excluded people; one that is fairer, more democratic and participative. We believe in people and believe they all form part of society, from the exercise of full, active citizenship. We have confidence in their ability to build their life project, whatever their background or situation.
Together with people who suffer from exclusion, we are an active part of the change we are aiming for. We aspire to be an open, transparent organisation, a reference point in the struggle for social inclusion that innovates effectively in different spheres and sets its sights on for a Third Sector capable of making an impact on public policies.

● We trust actively in people and in society, in their capacity for improvement, change and social transformation.
● We believe in collective and organised action around a project in common.
● We strive to shatter stereotypes and prejudice. Encounter with and opening up towards others lead us to discover other people and learn from another approach.
● We accept reality but want to change it. We work to eradicate the causes of social exclusion, not just to mitigate its consequences.
● We believe that social exclusion is a collective responsibility. We want to make social problems visible, breaking away from indifference and calling to action.

Our principles are:

Social innovation
At RAIS Fundación we want to focus on social needs that are not evident, that remain concealed, that are not dealt with or not to a sufficient degree. To do so, we try to embed a work culture that pays close heed to people’s needs, that analyses them looking beyond what is plain to see and seeks new relationships between them and new approaches for solving them. Our organisation is committed, in turn, to making a model of our proposals and to the replicability of our actions. We want to innovate in order to improve people’s quality of life and transform society.

We believe that it is essential for the people we deal with to participate in their own process and in the flow of our actions and services. The answers we provide should be responsive to people’s needs, as well as their interests and motivations. We are pledged to seeing to it that the people who use our services evaluate the quality of them and provide us with feedback about their satisfaction with them.
We want to involve volunteers, citizens, public and private institutions, companies and the media in our action.

Impact and measurable results
RAIS Fundación deems that it is not possible to make progress in social transformation unless it is able to gauge the results and impact of its actions. The organization is pledged to trying to measure the impact of its action on people and on society on the basis of those results.

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