RAIS Fundación

RAIS Fundación

Our commitments


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Our commitments

At RAIS Fundación, we mainly work with the most seriously excluded people in our society: the homeless, illegal immigrants, the mentally ill, addicts, disabled people and people in a combination of these situations.

Their histories mirror an accumulation of complex circumstances, either stemming from what they have experienced or their personal characteristics. Theirs are life stories that have spiralled in all directions. They may begin with alcohol abuse, a separation, job loss, the death of a parent or depression, and they can lead to mental illness, addiction, isolation, exclusion, etc.

People who come to RAIS Fundación have experienced and found themselves trapped in these spirals, sometimes for decades. We believe that the right kind of environment, one that supports a person’s capacities coupled with the act of standing by them and providing positive stimuli can engender a positive spiral that will pave the way for social inclusion.

Our goal is to give people what it takes to believe in themselves again and to shoulder responsibility for their own lives during a transit period designed to give new impetus and a new meaning to their lives:

  • From deficiencies to capabilities
  • From capabilities to rights and responsibilities
  • From the emergency to the process
  • From a roof to a home